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Toyota Electric Vehicles For Sale

The Toyota lineup consists of hybrid and electric vehicles. Primarily electric hybrid vehicles except the Mirai, now for sale in the United States. This FCEV electric vehicle, or Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, utilizes cutting-edge hydrogen PEMFC to power the vehicle. Travel distance depends upon the particular model. For example, the new Toyota Mirai PEMFC (Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell) model has an estimated range of 402 miles with a 5-minute full tank charge. The Plug-in Hybrid model Prius has an estimated range of 540 miles. Toyota Camry Hybrid has an impressive 51/53 mpg with a range of 673 miles.


Toyota RAV4 Service Intervals

The scrappy RAV4 is legendary in its class. Beloved for its inventive style and revered for its newfound off-road capabilities, this is one SUV you want to keep running for the long haul. Toyota RAV4 service intervals are prescribed to help you do just that. Your SUV stands its best chance against the world when you keep up with its health checks and replacements. This brief Toyota RAV4 maintenance schedule is designed as a convenient package for reference only. Be sure to dive into the deep content of your owner's manual to learn more specifics.


2021 Toyota Sequoia Model Review

There is a new Toyota Sequoia Nightshade model to check out in 2021. This version of the Sequoia has unique and sleek styling touches, such as 20-inch black wheels. There are also a variety of dark chrome exterior accents to set this SUV apart. Changes are made inside of the cabin as well, with the Nightshade model getting black leather upholstery. This package pairs with Magnetic Gray, Midnight Black, or Wind Chill Pearl paint colors.