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Certified Preowned Vehicles for Sale

Thanks for stopping by Crown Toyota Decatur. As a customer-focused dealership, you are the most critical aspect of our business. Everything we do, we do it for you -the driver. When you drive off the lot, you deserve to have a smile on your face and confidence in your mind. No matter what you're in the market to buy, you'll find it here with us, backed by the smooth, sound experience that warms the heart. Certified pre-owned vehicles are safety tested before they're put on the lot. They're durable, dependable vehicles that include the extras drivers want in a new car, with the price of a used vehicle. Drivers choose CPO and get the best of both worlds.

Not only is there less worry as the owner of a CPO vehicle, but you also save money. Forget about expensive repairs and breakdowns, since the car is made to travel the miles. Plus, services such as roadside assistance keep you safe in the event of a mishap. Your car includes a warranty, which is in itself a piece of assurance. You can sleep well at night when you buy certified pre-owned. It's the type of vehicle you need in your life.


2020 Toyota Corolla Model Review

For 2020, Toyota is bringing an all-new Corolla to the market. Still a practical choice, the Corolla will include the option of a new engine and a hybrid powertrain. It will be built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which lowers the center of gravity, making it more fun to drive. Making things safer at the same time are new advanced Safety Sense features. For those who love to stay connected, Apple CarPlay compatibility is also available on the Corolla.


How Does Destination Assist Work?

It can be challenging to find an unfamiliar location. However, advances in technology have made that much simpler with the integration of navigation systems to help us get directions to wherever we want to go. But the Toyota Destination Assist feature is an enhanced version of traditional navigation systems. Read on to find out how. Navigation systems have been a useful technological advance for vehicles of the 21st Century by creating a solution for being able to find your way to unfamiliar places without having to write down or stop and ask for directions.